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 What is a cookie?

You have probably encountered sometimes references to Internet cookies, browser cookies or HTTP cookies. Actually, these are several names for only one technology, simply called cookie.
Technically, a cookie means a small- dimension text file (i.e., letters and numbers),
which will be stored on the computer, mobile phone or other devices of a user, wherefrom a website is accessed. A cookie is made of two parts: the name and its content (value).

How do we use the cookies?

Like most of the internet sites, also uses cookies.

There are multiple purposes:

  • From the enhancement and customization of your surfing experience to the storage of some of your preferences or data;
  • Setting the internet surfing language;
  • Storage of the authentication information in order not to register each time you access the site;
  • Protecting both your and our system’s safety or for statistics issuing.

Further, some cookies give us important clues about the manner in which the visitors use our website, fact that allows us to make it more suitable for their needs. Other cookies allow us inclusively to quantify how many users are accessing our website in a given period of time. Because transparency is a key- value for the company Kolping Concept, we’ll provide you below details about the cookies from this site and the options you have regarding their activation or deactivation. We ask you to take in consideration that, similar to other websites, our website is based too on this technology in order to run under optimum conditions; if you opt for their non- performance, the quality of your surfing experience might be affected.

Why are cookies useful?

With the help of the cookies, the websites keep information about the visit of the users, such as: favourite language, user name and password (for example, in order to spare the user to register for each visit of the website), the type of device (computer, mobile phone) used to access the website. The cookies allow the simplification of the website surfing experience and the owners of the websites have the possibility to provide more relevant information to the users, regulated to their needs. Practically, the cookies help to the efficient performance of the Internet and have as result the friendly and customized surfing experience of each user. Without them, the Internet websites would be even more unpractical and would run with difficulty.
Further, the cookies help the owners of the websites to improve them continuously. Cookies can get important information about the way in which a website is used by its users, which are the most visited pages so that they will be able to provide them an even better surfing experiences.

How do we classify cookies?

Depending on the clearing manner, there are (i) cookies that are deleted immediately after you close the Internet
browser (also called session cookies), but also (ii) cookies that are stored on
your device within the aim of being used inclusively for your following visits of the website (these are also called „persistent cookies” even though, despite of their name, they do expire after a certain period of time). The persistent cookies reactivate only when you visit again the site that deployed them on your device. Depending on the person that deploys them on your device, there are proper cookies (that us, the owners of the website deploy them on your device) or cookies deployed by other parties (also called third party cookies).

What is the lifetime of a cookie?

The cookies lifetime vary from case to case, depending on its scope. As we mentioned above, some cookies are used only for one navigation session and others remain for a certain period of time after you leave the website. No matter of the used type of cookies, you can choose anytime to delete or deactivate them.

Are cookies dangerous for my device?

Cookies are harmless. They do not contain programmes, viruses or other malware infections and cannot access the information from the user’s device. Because the cookies are installed by requesting an Internet browser (specifically, its web server), only the web server that sent them can access them again when the user comes back to the website related to that web server. It is true that cookies can also be used for malicious purposes, as a type of spyware. Because of that, many antispyware products flag cookies for disposal purposes during the antivirus/ anti- spyware’s disposal/ scan procedures. In general, the browsers have confidentiality settings that provide different levels of cookie acceptance, expiration time and automatic disposal after a user has visited a particular website.

What is the connection between the cookies and my personal data?

Some cookies collect anonymous information, which do not disclose anything about you. Others collect information that can identify you- for example, the IP address.

Does the site use cookies?

Usually, every site uses cookies. Most probably, without them, the Internet would not be the one it is nowadays.
The website uses proper and third parties cookies in order to provide the users an enhanced navigation experience and pleasant and useful services adjusted to their proper needs.

Within which purposes does the site use cookies?

On the site , we use cookies for several specific purposes. For example:
1. To improve and maintain the architecture of the site;
2. To improve the safety parameters of the site;
3. To take in consideration your preferences, that you have displayed in the previous navigation sessions, by customizing your experience;
4. To solve the problems that you might have when accessing it;
5. For advertisement;
6. To run the data analysis and monitor the use trends.
On this site, one may find our cookies as well as cookies from third parties.

Our cookies

 In most cases, the cookies do not register information related to a person whom we have identified or we are able to identify. This means that those cookies will not storage your personal data therefore your identity will remain anonymous.

Third party cookies

 There are cases when certain parts of other websites may appear on our website. For example, a like button from Facebook or a Youtube video– nowadays, these options can be found on almost every site. When these elements appear on our website it means that we have allowed to the companies that own the respective platforms to deploy cookies on it. We allow a certain number of cookies from third parties on our site but the access is not allowed to everyone. The cookies from third parties are mostly used for providing you a useful experience and to run statistics about the number of visitors and the way in which they use our site. For example, the like or share buttons from websites can allow the social networks to deploy cookies on the website. Because these cookies from third parties and the information they might collect are not under our control, we ask you to see the policy of those providers for more information. Because we speak about sites that are managed by other persons, the cookies that allow the deployment of their content on our site come from their operators not ours. It is possible that third parties might use cookies within their own purposes.

Can I deactivate cookies?

Yes, it is possible. It is possible to set from the browser’s settings that the cookies are no longer accepted. Also, the browser can be set so that it may accept cookies only from certain websites. Currently, all the modern browsers provide the possibility to change the settings of the cookies. For more details and assistance regarding this issue, access your browser’s „help” option. Attention! Blocking the cookie modules can lead to the inaccurate display of certain web pages.

You want to find out more about cookies?

If you want to find out more information about cookies, in general, a useful source is the website
If you want to find more about our cookies related to this site (proper cookies), you can contact us at the above contact details.
If you want to find more about the cookies from third parties, deployed on this site, we ask you to see the above section or, if the case, to contact the entities that own those respective cookies.

How can you contact us?

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or concerns regarding the cookies from this site, we are at your disposal. You can contact us by any of the below communication channels.

Phone: +40 748 013 598

Post or express at the address: 27 Petofi Sandor street, 500107, Brasov, Romania